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We work with True Independent Film – for film makers to reach out with and for people to see. Participating at the High Coast Film Festival should be a valueble and memorable experience.


For film makers who are part of the official selection for our program we strive to create a experience worthwhile in every field from the get to to the finish. The following paragraphs are ment to give insight into what a participation at the festival means and what we put emphasize on in our work.



Submission & Preparation

First and foremost we work diligently when putting the program together, working full time for several months going through all submitted films and then sorting in layers until we have our final selection. This is the foundation for the festival and of great importance to us, as a festival we build our brand towards audience and industry with the selection we present – and our aim is to every year present a program of quality true independent films, all words of equal value.


When we are finished we notify all who have submitted their works, both not selected and selected, and then we start with the preparations and communication with participants.


We pay for accomodation at the nearby Hotel Björkudden for all selected film makers, a wonderfull establishment located by the river in the middle of the High Coast. This is something we do to help and support visiting the festival and part of our ambition to make it a valueble experience for participating film makers.


Us paying for and managing the accomodation helps film makers in the process of getting a visa through the Swedish Embassy for those who need it, as well as applications for sponsorship of traveleing to the festival from different organizations such as Film Institutes. If they see that the festival takes care of the participants once they arrive they are more willing to support the journey there.


Throughout the entire phase we send information to all participants about the development of the festival as well as communicate with everything that might be of question. Participating should also be a worthwhile experience for those who do not have the ability to visit the High Coast of Sweden.



Copyright: Björkudden Hotell

Copyright: Björkudden Hotell

Festival Event

The event is three days – On friday we host an invitation only party on Friday at Hotel Björkudden for participating film makers and special guests such as press, film industry, magazines and regional organizations in the field of film. It's a networking event just as much as a party for guests to simply have a good time. We'll be conducting video interviews, taking photos etc to market and advertise the festival and participating films.


On Saturday and Sunday the actual festival itself takes place at Lunde Folkets Hus, "house of the people" that we reanimate into a Cinema with quality equipment. This is the big event where film makers, guests etc get to meet with audience and watch the selection of films with intersecting Q & A's with participating film makers. We advertise the festival event a lot with the ambition to get a full house and a real indie festival feel – with which we have succeeded so far. Between the film screenings we'll be serving beverages and after the final films each day there will be music and pub until the later hours.


We also offer all films to take part in our patreon-only screening where press, industry and festival members on patreon can watch the festival films online through a private and hidden videolibrary. This greatly increases the reach of the films and enables audience to watch films more conveniently as well as press, industry and magazines to easier get access to the films to write reviews, contact the film makers etc.

Copyright: Erika Holm Petré

After the Festival

After the event has concluded we send summarizing information to all participants and finilize communication and logistics with all paticipants. For those who move on in their festival journey we say goodbye for now and for those who wish to take part in the distribution deals we offer we start with the curating and managing of our Streamingsite for True Independent Films – Illambra. All participants are invited to join, not only with the film at the festival but with others too that fit the site.


We want to offer audience a wider opportunity to take part of the festival program – all year around from anywhere in the world, and to offer film makers a home for their works where they are presented in a qualitative enviroment and platform.


The idea of Illambra is to over time build a qualitative videostore online presenting authors rather than titles for audience to follow and watch works of.

For the film makers who wish to join but are not yet done with their festival journey we simply postpone the release date.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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