High Coast Film Festival

Once per year Lunde House of the People becomes a Cinema once more, with one simple purpose – to screen & promote true independent films in the High Coast!

Most films are so called no-budget productions even if there also are a few bigger ones as well.

The core in our programming is the free voice, the will to express and experiment through the medium film regardless of genre, thematics or method.

So far we have screened films from more than 50 different countries and had directors visiting the festival from Iran, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, Finland and of course Sweden, to name a few.

Support the Festival

Our nr.1 ambition is to raise the quality of the Festival and promote true independent film making - to offer participating film makers, fans and enthusiasts a worthwhile valuable experience, a festival weekend to remember.

You can either donate directly by PayPal / Credit card, or become a Festival member on Patreon.

Donate: If you would like to contribute please donate the amount of your choosing by clicking the donate button below. We will ensure your financial support is utilized responsibly to continue developing the festival in years to come.

Patreon allows for you to become a festival member and for us to build a community and a platform from which we can offer all our festival members things in return, such as online streaming access to a festival program. This means that if you cannot attend the event you can still see many festival films online. To beome a patron member, click the logo below.

Parallel and independent from the Festival we founded a streamingsite for true independent films 2018 – ILLAMBRA. Many of the films that participated at the festival will find a home at Illambra but we also work on adding films to the site from other sources as well. Our ambition is to over time build a wide collection of true independent films from all over the world.

To visit the site, click the logo below.

Sponsors & partners 2018