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High Coast Film Festival – True Independent Films


The festival is a two day event – Saturday and Sunday – held in the High Coast in North of Sweden, focusing on true independent films. Often low-budget and so called avant-garde and experimental films the program itself is however not tied to nor genre or style.


The foundational idea with the festival and the program we put together is the personal voice and expression through the medium of film.


There are no sections for contemporary films or attention to any specific topics or methods – film as a means to artisticly express and portray is what puts the program together.


We work following the clear voice, ourselves and in the films we seek to select for the festival. A voice that does not want to please, chock, provoce, lobby or appeal to but simply one that wants to speak and express – investigate and portray regardless of what it is, how it's made and with what means. Our ambition is to put the High Coast on the map for independent film makers all over the world, and inversely give people in the region the opportunity to see some real independent films!


As a result we show films with all sorts of thematics and methods. Strict fiction with a clear cut storyline, wild experimental film poetry, quiet anthropological documentaries. Comedies, dramas and everything there between. Some are entertaining, some are not. Some are easy to digest, some not at all.


We work to provide a comfortable enviroment where film makers, organisations, enthusiasts and audience can meet and spend time together during a weekend packed with quality independent films.


An important factor is therefore that we pay for accomodation for all invited film makers as well as organizations to support their travel to the worlds most beautiful place, the Swedish High Coast. We have so far had visiting directors from USA, Iran, Finland, Belgium, Holland, France and Sweden to only name a few.


Below a selection of stills from films that have participated at the festival!